Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Creative Book Exchange....

A bit about this space:
The idea for this exchange came as a result of my own bookshelves bursting at the seams... I was going to bring my stash to the local used book store in order to trade them in for some other books.  But then it occurred to me that I must not be alone in this book obsession.  There must be other crafty ladies out there that would like to trade out some of the books that they have already been inspired by. 

Ideally this blog will be a place of inspiration and friendship (much like the Vintage Swap that Heather orchestrated).  A place where we can show photos of the things that we have made from our favorite books; trade stories of favorite authors and projects; or just talk about all of the coveted books that we wish that we had.  Maybe even a place to get the much needed nudge to try out a new craft.

Exchange Guidelines

*You must exchange at least ONE, but no more than THREE books.

*All books must be intact and clean.....earmarks are acceptable but please make sure that there are no torn or written on pages.

*All photos should also be posted to the Flickr Group Creative Book Exchange.

*You need to have communicated with your partner by New Years Day 2010.

*Packages must be postmarked with a tracking # by January 10th 2010.

*Lastly, once you have signed up, if you like, you could link your blog to the Exchange Blog; either by linking with the button (found in this sidebar) on your own Blog, Or a post mentioning the Exchange.  Hopefully this will lead to more crafters getting involved as well as more books to trade.... you know, the more the merrier.

Signing up!

 Sign-ups for the exchange are limited to 50 participants and will start on Thanksgiving Day and will run through Christmas Day.

AND it's easy!.....Just email me the following information at...

* Your name:
*Your e-mail:
*Your blog name or website:

*And finally what sort of creative books that you already have and the type that you might be interested in.

Once I get your info... I will add you to the list of participating bloggers as well as the list of authors for this blog which will allow you to write posts and comment on the Creative Books Exchange Blog.

After the sign ups are will receive an email with your exchange partner's information.  There will be a small survey to fill out and email to your partner in which YOU will include your mailing address.  

I am so happy to get this blog up and running. 
Please don't hesitate to email me with questions or suggestions...I can be reached at either

or at my Blog

I really can't wait to meet everyone.